Yes, I am thankful that I have some passion in my life. I am thankful that I am surrounded by people that have amazing amounts of passion. Passion for what they do, for who they want to become, and for various other things.

I sometimes find myself thinking that I am going through life without any passion, but when you really go to sit down and think about the things in your life, and if you really have passion for it, you will find that you are filled with passion.

We tend to think that passion are linked to the bigger things in life, yet if you really go sit down and think about it, passion could, and should also be about the very small things in life.

Let us take sleeping as an example. Go without it for 2 days, and see what passion you will have for trying to get sleeping.

I have spent some time thinking about these things lately, and I must say, being able to recognise the small things we actually have a passion for, really makes you look differently at life. It allows you to be grateful for those small things that we tend to take for granted, and think we don’t have a passion for, but should you remove them out of your life, even if it is only for a small period of time, you will realise that you had at least some amount of passion for those little things in life.

Getting back to being grateful, we all know that should you be blessed enough to life in a house, with a bed and warm blankets, you are grateful for it. This morning on my way to working out, I drove by a father, holding his small son, while they were lying on the sidewalk under a blanket sleeping. My heart broke into a million pieces, that at that moment. Looking at the little boy’s face, he was happy and in a deep sleep. However I think his dad was VERY uncomfortable, since he was lying on the hard sidewalk, allowing his son to sleep on top of him, so he can be a little more comfortable.

I pray that they will be around this evening, as I am planning to go look for them, and see if I can at least give them a lift to the nearest night shelter, or at the very least give them some food to eat.